Cloud Strife (striven_soldier) wrote,
Cloud Strife

locked from tifa;

I probably deserve it. I wish Zack was here.
Tags: bawwww, tifa
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Cloud. What has happened?
Nothing happened, Vincent. I'm fine.

I thought I locked it.
...It does not sound like that.
... it's nothing. I met Nabooru.
Hm. She told me.
I like her, she suits you.
Nabooru had good impressions of you as well. Although at times it feels I am undeserving of such a woman...
Don't be stupid.
I am not...
You finally deserve something, don't be like that.
What's wrong, Cloud?
Angeal ... ?

Nothing happened, I'm fine - thanks for asking, though. Well, don't hesitate to contact me if you need to talk. Just because you aren't one of my students doesn't mean I don't care.
... thanks.
What's happening, Nii-san?
Don't call me that, Kadaj. We're not brothers - and nothing.
We're both Kaa-san's children, so that makes you my brother, whether you like it or not!