Cloud Strife (striven_soldier) wrote,
Cloud Strife


Cloud, with the condoms that Zack had purchased in hand, made his way up the stairs to the bedroom where Tifa was waiting- he hoped. He took a deep breath in, his hand lingering on the door. Hesitant, he thought of all the things that could go wrong tonight. Did he even know how to please her? Obviously he knew the mechanics of it all considering that Marlene and Denzel were alive . . . but . . . he didn't want to disappoint her. He knew that he would not be able to bear that look on her face if he would climax and she would not. He would not care if he didn't experience anything. Just that happy after glow (. . . what did that look like again?) that Tifa would have would make him . . . was happy the correct word?

Cloud waited, his blond bangs hovering over hsi face like a shield hoping to protect hims from the ob coming . . . No, he argued with himself, this was not a battle to be fought, or something that should make you uncomfortable. He tightened his fist, his breath quickening at the thought of even touching Tifa in that way. His hand extended, reaching for the door knob.
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