Cloud Strife (striven_soldier) wrote,
Cloud Strife

OOC: Kink Meme

Kink meme! I totally stole this off of someone else. Respond here with a character of your choice and a kink that you want seen done to my character(s).

Cloud Strife - striven_soldier
Yazoo - pwns_bitches
Rufus ShinRa - shinra_pwnsjoo
Larsa Solidor - thelastsolidor (disclaimer: if you write BRIDGET, i'll kill you.)
Yunalesca - Only on special request (and if it's Kadaj and sephiroth XD)
Machi - letsmaketracks
Akito - kami_complex
Megatron - No.

And for the hell of it:

Colbert- truthiness_rox

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU candyismyotp
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