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I think I want to be Forgiven

I think I'll try and see...whether or not I could be.

Cloud Strife
19 August 1982
Name: Cloud Strife
Age: 15
Year: Fifth
House: Gryffindor
Wand: Mahogany, 14", essence of unicorn's hair
Pet: none
Family: Gale Strife, mother (muggle); Blitz Strife, father (unknown, missing)
Background information: Cloud grew up in the town of Nibelheim as an ostracized child, picked on for his name and appearance, with a tentative friendship with (and crush on) Tifa, never having known his father. He and Tifa both got accepted into Hogwarts in the same year, and being away from his young tormentors in Nibelheim helped Cloud breathe a little easier, and get to know Tifa better. Old habits die hard, however, and he continues to remain withdrawn and untrusting towards people he doesn't know.

Cloud also met Aeris and Zack in his first year, Zack being a year older than the rest of them. Not much of import happened until the end of Cloud's third year, when Zack suddenly up and left without word or warning. Cloud followed shortly thereafter, and neither have been seen or heard from since . . .
Favourite Subject(s): Transfiguration
Best Subject: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Worst Subject: Divination
Friends People I talk to: _reachforastar, sum_quid_vides, _alittlelonger, the_zackman
Enemies People who Annoy the Hell out of me: electromag_wand, the_zackman, smexy_shinigami, _straydog_

Cloud Strife - Fifth Year Gryffindor