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locked once more from tifa.   
08:58am 07/11/2008
  Halloween was interesting. I let Marlene and Denzel pick on part of a costume for me why half prince charming, half vampire I'll never know. Marlene didn't understand that half-way through the night I actually started to believe I was a ... Prince Charming Vampire. At least Vincent wasn't there to upstage me.

That masquerade is coming up again. I think this time around, I'll actually beat Riku mainly because Denzel is forcing me to and win that tournament.

... She's already made it clear that we're just friends, and nothing more. I don't want to go to it without anyone else.
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09:11am 04/11/2008
  ... I almost got squished by this gigantic WEAPON. They aren't supposed to be around, right?

cut oocCollapse )

... What did he do?
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locked from tifa;   
12:45pm 27/10/2008
  I probably deserve it. I wish Zack was here.  
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07:23pm 14/09/2008
  Currently in parcus's hands.  
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02:09am 30/03/2008
  Journal's back in halfling_rogue's hands again.  
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11:06pm 18/11/2007
  . . . Tifa found me.

[locked to Zack]

. . . I may have told her.

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[think its private]   
10:26pm 11/11/2007
  . . . it wont stop happening.  
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OOC: Kink Meme   
10:48pm 28/10/2007
  Kink meme! I totally stole this off of someone else. Respond here with a character of your choice and a kink that you want seen done to my character(s).

Cloud Strife - striven_soldier
Yazoo - pwns_bitches
Rufus ShinRa - shinra_pwnsjoo
Larsa Solidor - thelastsolidor (disclaimer: if you write BRIDGET, i'll kill you.)
Yunalesca - Only on special request (and if it's Kadaj and sephiroth XD)
Machi - letsmaketracks
Akito - kami_complex
Megatron - No.

And for the hell of it:

Colbert- truthiness_rox

HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU candyismyotp
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12:07pm 25/10/2007
  they're all dead.

[ooc: comments from Zack, Aeris and Tifa will be ignored. :| Cloud is under the impression that they are dead.]
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[ohshi--- he forgot to lock it. ]   
12:41pm 21/10/2007

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01:11pm 13/10/2007
  . . . tell me . . . that I did not . . .  
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[RL: SECKS!]   
09:51pm 06/10/2007
  Cloud, with the condoms that Zack had purchased in hand, made his way up the stairs to the bedroom where Tifa was waiting- he hoped. He took a deep breath in, his hand lingering on the door. Hesitant, he thought of all the things that could go wrong tonight. Did he even know how to please her? Obviously he knew the mechanics of it all considering that Marlene and Denzel were alive . . . but . . . he didn't want to disappoint her. He knew that he would not be able to bear that look on her face if he would climax and she would not. He would not care if he didn't experience anything. Just that happy after glow (. . . what did that look like again?) that Tifa would have would make him . . . was happy the correct word?

Cloud waited, his blond bangs hovering over hsi face like a shield hoping to protect hims from the ob coming . . . No, he argued with himself, this was not a battle to be fought, or something that should make you uncomfortable. He tightened his fist, his breath quickening at the thought of even touching Tifa in that way. His hand extended, reaching for the door knob.
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11:41am 06/10/2007
  Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

. . . Zack.
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01:35pm 13/09/2007
  As soon as Jordon dropped him off in the desolate land of Zanarkand, Cloud was off searching for Tifa. Occasionally being stalled by the random encounter, Cloud was tireless in his efforts to fight her. He cursed at himself, he knew he shouldn't have let her go, and he should have paid more attention to the community.

Worry knotted in his stomach, the familiar nightmare of having Tifa lying there with Sephiroth's sword in her could very well be a reality for him. He knew that he wouldn't be able to handle it. What about the kids? What about ... him? For the first time, Cloud actually thought about the implications of a dead Tifa.

"She won't be dead." He tried to assure himself, Tifa was stronger than that.

A memory flashed before his eyes. Aeris praying, right before Sephiroth leaped from no where, and impaling her. This time around, it was Tifa, just waiting for Sephiroth to make a move, and it went right through her stomach.

Shaking his head, and trying to focus, he once again returned to searing through all the rubble for Tifa.
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05:29pm 25/08/2007
  Cloud came into the bar like his usual, quiet self. Mentally scanning the place for anything that was out of place (usually caused by Kadaj), he headed upstairs in search of Tifa, Marlene, Denzel or any combination of the three. Slightly anxious about the Beach, he had already prepared an argument against it- even if all three tried to convince him to go.  
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[locked to Tifa, Axel and Roxas]   
04:18pm 13/08/2007
  . . . Tifa; did you offer Kadaj a place to stay here.  
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04:11pm 13/08/2007
  This journal is now the property of another mun. Thanks to halflingrogue  
Filtered from Rufus and the Turks;   
01:56am 26/04/2007
mood: frustrated
I'm not getting any answer from Cid. I think he's left his PHS off. Or lost it again.
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03:18am 12/04/2007
mood: happy
Zack and Aeris need to stay at the bar tonight. I'll sleep downstairs.
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. . .   
02:50am 03/03/2007
mood: happy
Zack's coming back. And Aeris.
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